Frequently Asked Questions

Can you processes METRC product?

No. We are a non MED licensed facility that provides processing of botanical material from local farmers, holistic caregivers, and CDA compliant industrial hemp.

Do you provide pick-up/delivery?


Recognizing that transport of plant material is one of our processing client’s pain points, we are currently considering options to provide pick-up services to get the product to our lab and securely stored for processing.

How do we need to have the material prepped?

Whole plant material for processing should be removed from stalk.

Product must be evenly dry and below 10% moisture content prior to packing and transport.

Product should be free from any mold, mildew or contaminates.

Please have material in consistently sized drums or bins to allow for proper storage and security while in processing.

How is your pricing structured?

We price on a per gram of output basis depending on the service being executed and volume of material to be extracted. Fall harvest pricing is as follows:

  • Crude Oil Extraction (Alcohol or Butane) –
    • <1000LB of Material = $1/gram output or 25% of output
    • 1,000LB+ of Material = $.75/gram output or 20% of output
  • Winterization & Distillation are additional charges of between 30cents and $1.00 per gram depending on volume and services rendered.

Current pricing is posted in the brochure linked here on the website.

How long does it take before my oil is finished?

Duration for processing is contingent on the labs queue of processing for 3rd party clients as well as the extraction methodology and post-processing refinement. Once we schedule you for a shift (or shifts), you will know when your material is being processed and, generally speaking, product can be ready at the beginning of the following week. For multi-week projects we can make weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of the previous weeks completed work. We stay in contact throughout the process so you know where you are in the process and the current status of your final product.

What are your capacity limitations? How much can you process?

When combining all of our extraction methodologies and in-house capabilities, we can currently process approximately 3 tons of botanical material per month.  We are currently taking reservations for fall harvest (with deposit).

When can we drop off?

The lab operates multiple shifts 7-days per week, but you can check-in product for processing at the front desk by contacting us and making an appointment.